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The Sourdough School


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Starting with creating your own starter from scratch, she covers basic breadmaking techniques accompanied by step-by-step photography so you can master the basics before going on to experiment with different flavours for delicious and healthy breads.

  • Enjoy basic everyday breads such as a Classic Sourdough or Malted Boule.
  • Savour sprouted grains in Kneipbrød or Scandinavian Buckwheat, Rye & Treacle Sourdough.
  • Develop easily digestible doughs like a Honey Porridge Loaf.
  • Experiment with water kefirs and fermented teas for Fig & Earl Grey or Cherry Plum loaves.
Laced with an abundance of flavour options and inspiring cultural notes, Sourdough School celebrates the timeless craft of artisan baking.

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